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Ray Bloomberg

Where most DJ’s write a lame text about themselves from a very cool third-person perspective, I decided to write something about myself for people who are interested in my musical journey. So… what is making me special?

Basically because I have a different view of playing music than most of my colleague DJ’s have. When I play music, I play it for my audience. This seems logic but in most of the performances I see, it’s not. I really love music in general sense and I am not bound to one music genre. Of course, I have my preferences but I always try to play for my audience instead of playing a pre-defined setlist. This makes my music style quite broad. I play nu-disco, garage or acid but also house, deephouse, techhouse and techno.

Right at the moment I am producing quite regularly and the result will be posted on Soundcloud, but only when I think that you would like it.

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Wij zijn bereikbaar op werkdagen tussen 9:00u en 18:00. Wij geven op werkdagen binnen 24 uur een mailreactie.


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